Our Emotions and Parenting


It’s our emotions that prevent us from being the parent we want to be.

Regulating our emotions is the first thing we need to do in accordance to be able to connect with our children and the other thing is to coach our children in  managing of their own emotions instead of trying to control them. As conscious parents , we need to become comfortable with the world of emotions. Emotion coaching is what helps children to develop high EQ or emotional intelligence.

What is EQ?

We can think of it as…

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Helping Our Child Manage Their Emotional Backpack


How we teach our kid and ourselves to take the stuffed feelings out of their backpack?

To heal anger, they have to go into the more vulnerable emotions that are driving it. (Grief or fear). When people have a full emotional backpack they are very rigid and they try to control themselves and they end up trying to control their environment and you. They become demanding, defiant and rude. They go into fight, flight or freeze and ask for treats, screen time or start a fight. Sometimes they are jus…

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How to Deal with a Teenager in the Most Conscious Way?


To be able to atune with our teenagers we need to enter silence and stillness.

It is extremely important to be present in our conversations and in their activities. For teenagers, their thermostat is very attuned to us. They can feel our energy immediately, not even saying a word; they know if you are mad, sad, angry, or worried.

Teenagers are serious challenges for parents. We have to pay attention now. If we don’t, it will be hard to recover later. If we made a mistake between connection and…

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